Some Grand Storytellers and Clever Rhymers
Pius Power Sr.(1912 to 1993) was born in Fumbly Cove in Paradise Sound and spent most of his life in Clattice Harbour. He remained there with his family for three years after everyone else had left and eventually moved to South East Bight, another community that had held out against centralization. Read More
Telling Tales of Heros and Magic

Pius Power, Sr. was a master of these these wonderfully long ancient stories of unlikely heroes using quick wits to overcome supernatural foes. Over time storytellers added local settings, details and characters to give them a distinctive Placentia Bay flavour.

Peg Bearskin. The big and hairy heroine sets out with her two beautiful sisters to seek their fortune. She outsmarts a witch along the way. Weddings ensue.
Jack Meets the Devil. The hero of this tale plays cards with the Devil and has to work off his debt performing three impossible tasks. Beautiful princesses come to his aid.
Collected by Anita Best in South East Bight in 1987.