A Few of our Finest Singers and Players H to Z
Patrick Judge from Patrick's Cove was a fisherman for most of his life and then worked on the CN boats. But he was renowned as a fine traditional singer, whistle player and occasional storyteller. Paddy was a favourite on the music scene. He was at the first Newfoundland Folk Festival and many that followed. He only missed when he was too sick to come. He was married to Bride, a fine singer in her own right.
Patrick Judge's Songs
Derry Down Down. The very first song he learned as a boy. He got it from Tommy McGrath.
The Last Fierce Charge. A long sad ballad of two soldiers in the First Great War who make a pact to get word to his loved ones if anything should happen to the other.
Twelve Stone. A lively Irish ditty about a fine big woman.
Men From Bruley. Paddy Judge's version of the Bruley Boys running into trouble on a trip to St. Pierre.
Collected by Kenneth Goldstein in 1980.