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Matthew Byrne was born into a family of Newfoundland music makers and his repertoire is heavily influenced by this unique musical lineage. This tradition that thrives on the song - the weaving of a great story with a beautiful melody - and Matthew's music reminds us how satisfying traditional songs can be when stripped down to these basic elements. His live performance offers tasteful and honest interpretations of folk songs delivered with polished guitar work and powerful vocals. His repertoire transcends time and place with traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic.
Matthew Byrne's Songs

From the album Ballads. Matthew Byrne. 2010

Barque in the Harbour. A British broadside ballad he learned from his father Joe who got it from his Uncle Dan Lake of Clattice Harbour.
Young Riley. A song he learned from his Uncle Pat Byrne who heard this version from his Uncle Jack Lake of South East Bight.

From the album hearts & heroes. Matthew Byrne. 2014

Banks of Sweet Dundee. A song of love scorned he first heard from his Great Aunt Flora Gambin of Clattice Harbour.
Fair Ellen. A hauntingly beautiful murder ballad he first heard on a tape recording of his grandmother Lillias Slade.