A Few of our Finest Singers and Players A to G
John Bishop known as Jack, was born at Red Island in 1913. He was a fisherman and enjoyed outport living. Jack and his wife Jessie resettled to Placentia in the 1960s. He longed for the days of old. He kept the traditional ways alive through his songs and stories.

He enjoyed performing at house parties and local concerts. Entertaining and sharing the culture of outport Newfoundland was what he did best. Jack died in 1994.

John Bishop's Song
The Baggage Coach Ahead. A child on a train cries for the mother whose coffin is in the car ahead. Written in 1896 by Gussie L. Davis of Cincinnati.
I've been a Gay and Roving Young Fellow. A man celebrates giving up his life at sea. A song he learned from Patrick Barry.
The Lofty Pines. An Irishman loses his wife and child because of a cruel English landlord.
Morrissey and the Russian. A ballad about a prize fight in America.
A Rich Merchant's Daughter. A married woman, in love with another man, is sent away by her husband. Jack wrote this song in his 20s.
Sally Monroe. An Irish song of love lost and found and lost forever.
Collected by Eric West in 1978.
Hear whole songs at: www.mun.ca/voicesofplacentiabay