A Few of our Finest Singers and Players A to G
Joachim Bennett was born on Isle Valen in 1915 and later resettled to Freshwater. He died in 1995.
Joachim Bennett's Songs
The Badger Lake Waters. A man is lured into the water by the ghost of a former true lover in a speed boat.
The Damsel of Nineteen Years Old. A man discovers his bride is 90 and not 19 when she takes herself apart after the wedding.
The Fifteen Foot Oar. Gerald Whiffen sings along on this sad song of a dead lover composed in the 1870s by W.N. Allen of Wisconsin.
I'm the Man You Don't Meet Every Day. An Irish song about an unusually pleasant encounter.
The Nobleman's Wedding. A man is invited to to his former lover's wedding and reproaches her in song.
The Three-cornered Cupboard. A bawdy and gruesome tale of a tailor who has his ears cut off for sleeping with a trooper's wife.
Collected by Eric West in 1978.
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