Some Grand Storytellers and Clever Rhymers
Sharing Memories
Lifting Out the Stove. Vince Collins shares his memories of kitchen parties in St Anne's. From Lifting Out the Stove. Singsong. 2001.

Beer Parties. Tobias Pearson remembers the men of Merasheen out for a good time.

Dances and Other Times. Eugene Pittman reminisces about making your own fun.

Out for a Good Time. William Barron tells about dances in the school in St. Joseph's.

A Few Drinks at Christmas. Mike McGrath remembers well going from house to house on the holidays.

The Cow's Tooth. Mike McGrath has a funny story about playing cards for a cow's head and the practical joke that resulted.

Buying Clothes in France. William Patrick Barron talks about going to St. Pierre for an outfit.

The Tin of Stew. Willy Greene has a story about some fellows who got into trouble on the American Base in Argentia.

The Cape Shore Road. Mike McGrath remembers the state of the road and the first car to travel it.

Good People. Tobias Pearson has fond memories of the residents of South East Bight.

Teaching in South East Bight. Tobias Pearson shares his experiences in a one room school.

The Sinking of The Delroy. Eugene Pittman describes a tragedy at sea in 1972.