Songs of This Place and Its People
Making a Living
Gull Cove. Anita Best shares one of the most descriptive of fishing songs written by Matty Johnson. From Crosshanded. Amber Music. 1997.

Pad's Song. Pat Byrne gives us this song he wrote for their father who embodied the independent spirit of Placentia Bay fishermen. Pat and Joe Byrne with Baxter Wareham. From Towards the Sunset. Pigeon Inlet Productions, 1983.

The Dole. Fergus Leonard sings about having to go on relief when the fishing wasn't good. It was written by Val Barry and blamed on Steve Heffernan.

The Rogues of Merchants. Fergus Leonard gives us this anti-merchant song written by John Dober of Marystown.

Patty Dover. Mac Master recounts how the resourceful crew saved their vessel from misfortune when sailing from Little Bay to Sydney for a load of coal.

Banks of Newfoundland. Matthew Byrne's version of this well known song about the hardships of a life at sea. From Ballads. Matthew Byrne. 2010.

Jim Harris. Fergus Leonard recounts how even the best of captains can have a bad voyage.

The Lobster Factory. Fergus Leonard sings about the trying conditions at the factory in Kingwell.

Old Nobles Prayer. Written by Pat Greene to complain about working conditions in a Hawkes Harbour whaling factory.

Rose au Rue. Frank Shea's rendition of Philip McHugh's song about life on a whaling ship in the summer of 1929.

The Whaling Song. Pat Greene wrote this song about whaling in Hawkes Harbour in 1974.

Foreman Young Monroe. Bride Rose learned this song about the dangers of being a logger from her father who worked in Badger 40 years before.

The Informer's Song. Fergus Leonard sings about a labour dispute in the lumber woods.