Songs of This Place and Its People
Good Times
Billy Joyce's Spree. Mac Masters sings about a good time in Burin that turned into a racket when there were not enough girls to dance with.

The Buns of Daily Bread. Joachim Bennett regales us with the fun to be had at a soup supper and dance in Clattice Harbour.

The Cat Got on the Lamp. Joachim Bennet sings this lively song by Peter Leonard about the dangers of having too much fun.

The Hole in the Wall. Frank Shea's version of this Peter Leonard song about a dance in Little Bona.

Johnny's Moonshine. Gerald Whiffen has a bit of fun with the comic song about making liquor.

The Row on Burnt Island. Joachim Bennett sings about rivals in love coming to blows.

The Wedding in Renews. Fergus Leonard's rendition of this Johnny Burke song tells us about the grand time to be had.

The Soup Supper in Clattice Harbour. Anita Best gives us Peter Leonard's song about a rollicking good time. From Crosshanded. Amber Music. 1997.