A Few of our Finest Singers and Players H to Z
Frank Shea was born in Bar Haven in 1915. He worked as a fisherman until resettling in Placentia in 1962. Frank then worked on the CN Marine ferries where he learned many songs that were passed along on these boats. For Frank songs were "education and entertainment all in one."
Frank Shea's Songs
The Bagaboo. A lively song of courtship and marriage.
The Cobbler. When the cobbler is caught in bed with the butcher's wife, he breaks a chamber pot over the cobbler's head.
Daniel Munro. Young Englishman goes to America and is murdered.
Jimmy and Nancy. A sailor going off to sea is accompanied by his lover dressed as a man.
The Titanic. An account of the sinking of this famous vessel.
Collected by Eric West in 1978.
Hear whole songs at: www.mun.ca/voicesofplacentiabay