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Fergus Leonard, of Ferndale recalled the past vividly in his songs and kept many of the old stories alive. He was born in Toslow in 1903 and fished most of his life.
Fergus Leonard's Songs
Arthur O'Bradly O. A very old man sets out to get married.
The Cellar Door. A bit of a bawdy song about a young woman who gets the best of a man who won't pay for her favours.
The Forecastle Yard. A man overhears his lover courting another.
Forty Miles. A refuge on a stormy night leads to love and marriage.
I Took a Trip to London. A liar's song that is fun to listen to.
The Orangeman's Dream. A Protestant finds it a bit difficult to get past the gates of heaven.
Collected by Eric West in 1978.
Hear whole songs at: www.mun.ca/voicesofplacentiabay