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Darrell Duke is from Freshwater and lives in Clarenville with his wife Lori and daughters Emma and Jessie. Darrell began playing guitar at the age of six, piano and harmonica at 12, the same year he penned his first song.

He's been performing publicly since 1982 and professionally for the past 20 years. A prolific songwriter, Duke has written well over a thousand songs, and has recorded about 60 of those to date. Most of Duke's work, including his songs, poems, books and plays focuses primarily on the history of Placentia.

Darrell Duke's Songs

From the album Safe From the Storm. Balsom Street Studios. 2015

Time to Remember. Friends and family drop by for a card game filled with fond memories.
Annie Healy. The tragic history of a Placentia Bay schooner and family that owned her.
Never Far Away. Remembering home and family and the good times in Newfoundland.
Safe From the Storm. Warm memories of coming in from the cold.