A Few of our Finest Singers and Players A to G
Damian Follett from Placentia has been performing professionally for almost two decades as a solo artist and as lead singer of Rogues Gallery. Damian's marathon sets are legendary - giving new meaning to the phrase "rock 'til you drop".

Follett has won numerous local, national and international talent contests throughout his career. His songs tell stories about real people with real life problems. His lyrics speak to the everyday person in us all.

Damian Follett's Music

From Damian Follett: The Collection. Damian Follett. 2010.

No Place Like Home. A song that celebrates all that's good about this place.
Not the End of the World. Coming to terms with the aftermath of a hurricane.
Young, Wild and Free. Getting back to a time when there were no responsibilities.
Married Man. How life can change.