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Cornelius (Neil) Parsons was born in Clattice Hr. in 1902 and died in 1980. He was the second of three sons of James Bernard Parsons and Cecilia Collins. Young Cornelius helped around the house and garden and, when he finished Grade Eleven, ran his father's shop. Most of his life he worked on the family's fishing schooner. In 1926 he married Adelaide Leonard. They raised 10 children.

Cornelius had a keen interest in learning and made sure his children were educated to the best of their ability. He was good man who helped his neighbours and earned respect and love from those who knew him. Cornelius was also a gifted man who taught himself to play the organ and the accordion. He could compose a great song or a story while taking a break from his chores. He loved to entertain his children and any visitors.

Cornelius Parsons' Songs
The Babes in the Wood. A very old Irish ballad of children left to die in the forest.
The Crockery Ware. A maid tricks her lover and keeps her honour.
Don't Put Me Off the Train. A penniless boy trying to get home to his dying mother is helped by a young girl. Published in the United States in 1898.
McGuiness's Raffle. A bit of a gamble results in a heck of a fight.
Pat O'Brien. The ghost of a murdered girl appears to accuse the ship's carpenter.
The Tipperary Miss. A young man remembers fondly the girl he left behind in Ireland.
Collected by Eric West in 1978.
Hear whole songs at: www.mun.ca/voicesofplacentiabay