A Few of our Finest Singers and Players A to G
Corey and Trina

Trina (Fulford) and Corey Crewe spent over three decades recording and performing in hundreds of communities throughout the province. They were played on all the radio stations and appeared on TV. Corey and Trina were dubbed "The Sonny and Cher of Newfoundland". Trina was born on Marasheen Island in 1950 and died in Calgary, Alberta in 2007. Corey is from Grand Bank but is a Placentia Bay man by association.

Corey and Trina's Music

From the album Newfoundland. Simm's Studio. 2006

Little Ragamuffin. A sad, sad song with a surprise happy ending.
Northern Lights of Labrador. Corey and Trina's greatest hit written by her brother Don Fulford.
The Wolf is at the Door. A comic song of the dangers of debt.
There's a Mother Always Waiting. A traditional song of a prodigal son.