A Few of our Finest Singers and Players H to Z
Con Parsons was born in Clattice Harbour in 1938 and relocated to Fox Harbour with his family in 1959. His father,Cornelius Parsons, was a well-known singer, song-writer and accordion player. Three of his brothers - Gerald, Walter and Martin - are also musicians. Con married Mary Dreaddy in 1964.Their daughter Cheri Thomas is a singer.

His sisters bought him a guitar that he learned to play by listening to Hank Williams and his father taught him the accordion. His first gig was in 1962 and he has been playing for dances ever since. Con's first band was called The Harbour Lites. He and Dennis Kendall have been going strong as Him & Me since the early 80s. They have made three recordings and Con has eight of his own.

Con Parsons' Music
From Long, Long Before Your Time. Eagle Productions

After All These Years. A song about enduring love by Coleman Kennedy.
Long, Long Before Your Time. Johnny McEvoy's song about a love from long ago.
Roads of Kildare. A lilting Irish love song.
Walking On The Moon. A love song he wrote himself.