A Few of our Finest Singers and Players A to G
Caroline Brennan of Ship Cove was born in Branch in 1892. She taught in a one room school in Ship Cove for almost five years until she married. Her husband Neddie had his own boat that he used to haul freight and collect fish all over the Avalon. He was also a fine singer. Carrie knew more that 50 songs and sang whenever there was an occasion. Her Aunt Annie Collins taught her to play the organ. She also played the fiddle. She died in 1994 at 102.
Caroline Brennan's Song
My Little Grey Home in the West. A man pines for his wife and home in this sentimental wartime song written in 1911 by D. Eardley-Wilmot and Hermann Lohr.
Audio from the 1977 Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival. Courtesy of the Digital Archives Initiative. Memorial University of Newfoundland.