A Few of our Finest Singers and Players H to Z
Bride Rose, of Red Island, Merasheen and later Freshwater, loved to sing and dance. She sang at every opportunity - for the mummers, at concerts and to cheer herself up in the hospital. She learned many of her songs from her father and friends.
Bride Rose's Songs
Down By a Riverside. A ballad of love and murder learned from Jack Burke.
John Delaney. Another song, learned from her father, that tells of a gruesome murder.
My Mother's Last Goodbye. A young man returns from war to find his mother has died calling for him. She learned this from her mother-in-law Christina Rose.
Old Erin Far Away. A young man dies on a battlefield.
Will You Love me When I'm Old and Feeble? A song from the radio.
Collected by Eric West in 1978.
Hear whole songs at: www.mun.ca/voicesofplacentiabay